Company Profile

Porite (formerly “Tokyo Oilless Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.”), was established in 1952 in Saitama Prefecture, Japan as a professional manufacturer and seller of oilless bearings. The products of the Company, distinguished by their versatility and convenience, have gained great recognition and support from their customers. Therefore, Mr. Tatsunosuke Kikuchi, the founder of the Company, started his plan to build up overseas manufacturing sites. In 1962, the oilless bearings produced by Tokyo Oilless were launched in Taiwan and widely welcomed in the market. Eyeing the promising market of Taiwan’s electrical machinery sector and invited by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Tokyo Oilless established its Taiwan operation, Porite Taiwan Co., Ltd., in 1968 at Tianliao, Toufen Township (now Toufen City).
With fifty years of solid industry experience, Porite Taiwan has been making incessant effort to satisfy the needs of its worldwide customers. The Company’s products are used in a wide array of industries including motor vehicles, consumer electronic products, electrical instruments, general industrial products, office equipment, electric home appliances, aviation technology, and green energy. Porite Taiwan contributes 45% of the total production of the Porite Group. It is not only the leader of Taiwan’s powder metallurgy industry, but one of the top manufacturers in the world.
“Integrity and solid technology foundation” are the unchanged corporate values of Porite Taiwan. While pursuing innovation and sustainable development, the Company endeavors to create a milestone for the technology development of the world. Continuous R&D efforts will be made in the future to ensure the high quality, high performance, and high efficiency of its products. Porite Taiwan aspires to make itself an indispensable brand to worldwide consumers.
Porite Taiwan not only provides precision components, it creates the happiest moments of your life. “Porite” is synonymous with the highest of quality.